Warehouse Identification Label Information

What are Warehouse I.D Labels, Do I need This label, Where do I get a Warehouse I.D Label, etc...

The labels we send you are not pre-paid shipping labels. These are strictly warehouse identification labels that notifies our warehouse your package is with our Ship-To-Room Program. It also identifies the box as yours. We will release the labels via email (student/billing) on the specified dates on the website. *We will not release our labels to students/parents if we are missing room information!

Our labels are sent via email as PDF's. They are NOT released by paper mail.

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Get your shipping labels by registering with FedEx HERE, UPS HERE, US Postal Service HERE. *All boxes must have both our warehouse identification labels and shipping labels. if boxes arrive to our warehouse without the warehouse ID labels, you run the risk of your boxes being lost or returned to sender. 

US Postal Service is NOT recommended in Chicago.