Water Service FAQ's and Answers

Moving Rooms, Does it dispense Hot Water, Increase my Water Plan, When is delivery, What does Insurance do, Two Jug Plans, My Water did not Come, How Many Gal is in each Jug, etc..

Jug Information:

  • Do you offer 2 jug plans?
    Our lowest jug plan is 3. 
  • What if I just want the Water Delivery?
    Please look for the "WATER ONLY" options on our website drop down when ordering!
  • Do you offer more than 5 jugs a month? 
    Yes, please email our office at info@uandss.com for more information.
  • Can I increase my plan?
    If you would like to increase your plan, please email info@uandss.com for pricing. We do not suggest increasing the first 90 days of service. 
  • How often are the jugs delivered? (ASU/UA)
    Jugs are delivered ONCE a month. NO delivery will occur in December due to campus closure and equipment must be picked up in April before finals occur.
  • How much water is in each jug?
    Tulane University: Each jug is 3 gal.
    University of Arizona: Each jug is 5 gal.
    Arizona State University: Each jug is 5 gal.
  • If I do not use my jugs, can I get a refund?
    Unused jugs are non-refundable.
  • What do I do with my empty jugs (UA, ASU)? 
    You are responsible for holding onto your empty jugs until your scheduled delivery. We suggest placing out empty jugs the night before a scheduled delivery so you do not miss them, should they come early in the morning.  DO NOT DUMP the jugs at recycle locations, it is a hazard!

Tulane University runs as a Water Pick-Up NOT Delivery due to ongoing COVID restrictions. Please visit the Tulane University water page and tab here for specific university information as it is different from UofA and ASU!

  • What do I do if I did not receive my delivery on my scheduled date? 
    We must be notified within 7 days of the scheduled delivery. This can be either by email, phone call or voicemail. After 7 days, we cannot investigate the situation.  

Cooler Information:

  • Is the cooler included with the plan? 
    Yes, unless the plan specifies “Water Only” or “Cooler Only (No Water)” 
  • Does it dispense hot water?
    Due to University heating restrictions within dorms, the coolers DO NOT dispense hot water at UofA and ASU. It is cold and room temp. only. 

Cancelation / Moving rooms:

➥ If there is an issue with a delivery, you will have 7 days from the initial delivery date to reach out to us via email at info@uandss.com.

➥ The service can be canceled at anytime. Depending on the time of cancelation, there may be a pro-rated refund.

➥ If students move rooms in the middle of the Academic Year or Semester, they are responsible for moving the equipment along with their personal items and updating our office of their new placement.

Insurance Information:

  • What does the insurance cover? 
    The insurance covers any damages to the cooler. It also covers any theft of the jugs. While theft is not a common issue we face, it does cover the replacement jugs should this occur.