Frequently Asked Questions about Water Delivery, Additions and Issues

  • Is there a two jug plan available? 
    Unfortunately, we do not offer a plan lower than 3 jugs a month.  
  • How much water is in each jug?
    Tulane University: Each jug is 4 gal.
    University of Arizona: Each jug is 5 gal.
    Arizona State University: Each jug is 5 gal.
  • Do you offer more than 5 jugs a month? 
    Yes, please give our office a call for plans over 5 for additional information.
  • Is the cooler included with the plan? 
    Yes, unless the plan specifies “Water Only” or “Cooler Only (No Water)” 
  • What do I do with my empty jugs? 
    You are responsible for holding onto your empty jugs until your scheduled delivery. We suggest placing out empty jugs the night before a scheduled delivery so you do not miss them, should they come early in the morning.  
  • What do I do if I did not receive my delivery on my scheduled date? 
    We must be notified within 7 days of the scheduled delivery. This can be either by email, phone call or voicemail. After 7 days, we cannot investigate the situation.  
  • What does the insurance cover? 
    The insurance covers any damages to the cooler. It also covers any theft of the jugs. While theft is not a common issue we face, it does cover the replacement jugs should this occur.  
  • What happens if I do not place my equipment out on assigned pick-up day in April?
    If you do not place your equipment out on the schedule pick-up date in April, there will be a $40.00 fee for having to schedule an alternate day to come by your room.

Tulane University runs as a Water Pick-Up due to ongoing COVID restrictions. Please visit the Tulane University water page and tab here for specific university information.