University of Arizona Storage Guidelines and Expectations

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➡️ Storage Pricing & Packing Supplies Information
  • Your registration fee DOES NOT cover any storage fees. 
  • Your registration fee will come with 5 packing boxes and a roll of packing tape only
  • Each item being placed in storage must include the student's full name, student ID number, and phone number in some way.
  • Labels are not offered by USS.
  • Labeling the items in (2) distinct places is strongly advised.
  • USS reserves the right to refuse to pick up any unmarked items.
  • No personal items/garments should be exposed and all boxes, storage containers, plastic totes, and bins must be closed and securely taped.
  • Everything must be packaged if it can be. Example: tennis shoes, lights, open-faced drawers, and other loose goods must be inside of a box or storage container.
  • Furniture, mini-fridges, chairs, TVs, and other items that cannot fit into a box or storage container must be appropriately labeled.
  • Mattress pads and rugs must be rolled and tightly taped.
  • Brooms and Swiffer cleaners are examples of individual products that will be priced as their own item when stored outside of boxes and containers. This is why we advise against storing inexpensive products.
  • Anything not included in a box or container will be kept exactly as is. These things are not bubble wrapped or covered. We strongly advise purchasing bubble wrap on Amazon for delicate things.
  • Unboxed TVs and mirrors are examples of fragile items that cannot be claimed if they are damaged since they are not securely wrapped. Our terms and conditions regarding this can be viewed here
  • You and your roommates items must be kept separate. We recommend placing all of your storage items on top of your assigned bed.
  • Please keep all of your items together and avoid putting anything beneath the bed or in a closet.
  • Any metal or plastic storage shelf that may be disassembled MUST be disassembled.
  • Below is a list of frequently used plastic containers and any applicable regulations. ⬇️

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  • Students living on campus in residence halls at UA ARE required to be present for pick-up.
  • Students living off campus in Greek Life, Apartments or Houses at UA ARE required to be present for pick-up.
  • Mid-Summer pick-ups or drop-offs are NOT available.
  • On our terms and conditions page, you can evaluate any additional fees you may incur. Please click here.
  • Following pick-up, an electronic pick-up ticket/invoice is issued to the student's billing email on file. Please be sure to carefully read this inventory ticket, which includes pictures and descriptions of all the things that were picked up. Any inconsistencies must be reported to USS immediately. 
  • Our fee per item covers pick-up, storage for a semester (4 months), and delivery in the fall. This is NOT a monthly cost.
  • Midway through the summer, we'll automatically get in touch to arrange your return details. To ensure that each room is authentic, we will confirm all on-campus housing allocations with your university. Prior to student move-in, any student who is residing ON-CAMPUS will have their belongings delivered.
  • Any student who is returning off-campus MUST be present or have someone available to accept the delivery, no exceptions. Delivery dates and times will be communicated mid-summer via email.