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UA Ship-To-Your-Room Schedule

Have any item placed in your room for just $49; just ship it to us via your preferred mail carrier, and we'll store it, and then deliver it into your room. How it works:

July 15 We email USS warehouse identification labels
July 15 - August 5 Package receiving window (time to ship!)
August 2 Online ordering closes
August 5 Deadline to receive packages
  • Caution- If we don't receive your items by the above date, you run the risk of your packages being returned to sender.
  • Shipping charges are not included in our pricing
  • A $75 penalty may occur for boxes over 50 pounds
  • Remember, you can ship it to us up to 2 weeks in advance to ensure we get it on time for placement!


 1. Pack your boxes/suit cases/duffle bags and place our warehouse identification labels on them. *All packages have a 50lb weight limit*

2. Get your shipping labels by registering with FedEx HERE, UPS HERE, US Postal Service HERE. *All boxes must have both our warehouse identification labels and shipping labels. if boxes arrive to our warehouse without the warehouse ID labels, you run the risk of your boxes being lost or returned to sender. 

3.Ship your boxes prior to our deadline. You can find the deadline and recommended shipping window above.

4.Once your package(s) are delivered into your room, we will send you a delivery receipt via PDF to your student and billing email on file. 

5. Move-in, unpack and enjoy the Semester!


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