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Water Service Terms and Conditions

Any issues with delivery must be reported within 7 days. Students who ordered the semester service in the fall will be automatically charged in January for the spring semester, unless you contact us to cancel. The insurance is optional and the customer is responsible for any fees not specifically covered by the insurance. Once you increase your plan, you cannot decrease. We do not suggest a plan increase within the first 60 days of the program.

Applicable Fees

  • Damaged or missing water cooler: $150
  • Missing jugs (not returned by end of year/semester): $7
  • Early/late water cooler pick-up: $40

Refund Policy

  • Full refund prior to install
  • After install, $40 pickup, sanitation and refurbishing of unit fee
  • No refunds or adjustments for water delivery reductions
  • Unused jugs are not refundable.
  • Yearly program cancellation at the end of the first semester is rebated using the semester cost + $40 pickup fee
  • Student may be held responsible for replacement costs of missing bottles and damaged or missing cooler units
  • Students are responsible of reporting stolen jugs to their RA


  • ASU and UA: Covers damage to the water cooler and lost/stolen jugs (full or empty) for a maximum of 2 deliveries.
  • Tulane: Covers damage to the water cooler

Delivery Procedures

  • We attempt to deliver prior to student move-in. If equipment is not in the room upon move-in, allow 7-10 business days after student move-in concludes.
  • Incomplete housing information may delay the delivery of your equipment.
  • Equipment is delivered into the room you provide on your ordering form. If your room changes, you are responsible for updating our office. Housing will not update our records. 
  • If students move rooms in the middle of the Academic Year or Semester, they are responsible for moving the equipment along with their personal items and updating our office of their new placement.

Pick up Procedures

  • ASU and UA equipment pick up will happen prior to finals. Cases of bottled water will be left as a courtesy. The cases of bottled water are not included in the plan price. Exact dates for each hall will be communicated on the delivery schedule.
  • Tulane: Cooler pick-up will happen after all students have left campus.