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From Home-To-Room Terms and Conditions

Applicable Fees

  • Warehouse late arrival acceptance: $15 per package. Paying the late fee does not guarantee that the items will be in the room prior to arrival. 
  • All packages have a 50lb weight limit per package. If the package exceeds 50 lbs there is an additional fee of $75. Packages over 50 lbs are not eligible for any type of claim if items are damaged or missing. 

It is the student and/or parents responsibility to review the deadline dates to ensure the packages are at our facility on time. All deadline dates can be viewed on our website at https://uandss.com/product/home-to-room-service/ 

The Ship-To-Your-Room service is only available to customers living in on-campus residential housing. Customers must provide their room number (housing assignment) at the time of purchase to participate in the service. USS shall only act as an intermediary for the receipt and transfer of all the Customer’s shipping items from customers selected shipping carrier to the customers university residential housing assignment. Packages that do not arrive at the warehouse on the specified date are not guaranteed to be delivered before you arrive.

For items that will be shipped from the Customer’s home to the USS warehouse, USS must receive the shipping items by the program deadline listed on the customers instructions and USS website. Any items that are not received by USS Ship-To service deadline will be rejected and/or charged a $15 fee per late package. Late packages also run the risk of not being in the room upon arrival regardless of if the fee is paid. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that items are shipped to meet this deadline. USS has the discretion to accept or reject the Customer’s items that use USS’s shipping service. USS is not responsible for any loss or damage to the Customer’s items if such loss or damage occurred during transport by the Shipping Carrier. Lost or damage claims must be made within 48 hours of receipt of the items. 

The Customer agrees that USS will not be held liable for damage to his belongings after delivery has occurred.

This Agreement is accepted subject to delays or damages caused by war, insurrection, labor troubles, strikes, Acts of God, riots, weather conditions, street traffic, elevator service, or other causes beyond the control of USS.

Ownership of Property
The Customer has represented and warranted to USS that he/she is the legal owner or in lawful possession of the property and has the legal right and authority to contract for services of all of the property tendered to USS.

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