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Storage Supplies

How to get your pre-ordered summer storage supplies at NWU

📦 Supplies will be available for pick up at the USS table on the following dates:

Students can also purchase individual boxes ($5) and extra tape ($3) at the tent.

**Accepted forms of payment: Venmo and all major credit cards**

Wednesday, May 26 - Friday, May 28 (10am-3pm @ Allison Hall)

 ** Tent was closed on Wednesday, May 26th due to unforeseen circumstances. **

Tuesday, June 1 - Friday, June 4 (10am-3pm @ Allison Hall AND Sargent Hall)

Monday, June 7 - Thursday, June 10 (10am-3pm @ Allison Hall AND Sargent Hall)

Friday, June 12 - (10am-3pm @ Sargent Hall ONLY)

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