Summer Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Box Sizes, Need More Packing Boxes, Changing a Date, Extended Storage, Storage cost, Limitations, Climate Controlled, etc..

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  • Is your facility Climate Controlled?
  • How can I change my pick-up date?
    If you are needing to change your date, please email us at Dates are first come first service, we cannot guarantee the date you want will be available. Once dates have reached capacity, we cannot alter it. 
  • Do I register as my current location or where I will be living in the Fall?
    Please put your CURRENT location. We must know where to pick the items up from. 
  • What are the dimensions of the boxes you provide?
    The boxes we provide are 18 x 18 x 24, but you are not required to use ours. You can purchase any size you want, but it must stay under 50lbs when packed.
    • Is the storage price a monthly fee?
      No, this is an all-inclusive fee that includes pick-up, storage and delivery. Your overall storage cost will depend solely on how many items you store.
    • Do we have to use your boxes? 
      No, you are not required to use our boxes. You can purchase any size you want, but it must stay under 50lbs. If you do use our boxes in our box kit, this does NOT include storage costs. You are still responsible for paying the per item cost for each box. 
    • Are tape and labels provided with supplies? 
      Tape is provided with the boxes, however, labels are not.  
    • What if we need more than 5 boxes? 
      Additional boxes will be available for purchase at $5 a box at our tents on campus.  

    Additional boxes can be purchased either at our tent locations. If you attend University of Arizona and need additional boxes, please contact out office at

    • Do you have a size restriction on boxes? 
      No, however, there is a 50lb weight limit.  
    • Is there a weight limit on all items? 
      No, there is only a 50lb weight limit on boxes, plastic bins, storage containers, suitcases, duffle bags, and trunks.
    • Is there a minimum amount I can store?
      No, you can store as many or as little as one item.  
    • Do I have to be present for pick-up? 
      Someone must be present. This does not necessarily have to be you specifically. It can be a roommate, landlord, RA or etc. However, our office must have their contact information ahead of time.  

    For Spring 2023, Tulane University ON CAMPUS residents do not have to be present for pick-up of their items.

    • Do I get notified before the pick-up occurs? 
      Yes, you are notified about 10 – 15 min prior to our arrival via phone
    • Can I access my items mid-summer? 
      No, we do not allow for items to be accessed in the middle of the storage session. Anything that is placed into storage, will be unable to be accessed until delivery occurs in the Fall.  
    • Do you offer Short-term storage?
      We do not offer short term storage. We only store by Semester!
    • Can I have a delivery mid-summer? 
      This is based off availability and is not guaranteed. If there is availability, there is a $200-$300 delivery fee.  
    • How do we give you our return information? 
      We will reach out to you mid-Summer to collect all return information.  
    • I need to extend my storage time through Fall 2023 or through Spring 2024.
      Please contact our office at