Summer Storage

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Storage Guidelines, Restrictions and Limitations

  • What are the dimensions of the boxes you provide?
    The boxes we provide are 18 x 18 x 24 

    Boxes at Oklahoma City University are 18 x 18 x 18

    • Is the $65/$45/$49 per box a monthly fee? 
      No, this is an all-inclusive fee that includes pick-up, storage and delivery. 
    • Do we have to use your boxes? 
      No, you are not required to use our boxes.  
    • Are tape and labels provided with supplies? 
      Tape is provided with the boxes, however, labels are not.  
    • What if we need more than 5 boxes? 
      Additional boxes will be available for purchase at $5 a box at our tents on campus.  

    Additional boxes are only available for Tulane, Loyola New Orleans, Loyola Chicago and Northwestern University. 

      • Do you have a size restriction on boxes? 
        No, however, there is a 50lb weight limit.  
      • Is there a weight limit on all items? 
        No, there is only a 50lb weight limit on boxes, plastic bins, storage containers and suitcases/duffle bags.  
      • Is there a minimum amount I can store?
        No, you can store as many or as little as one item.  
      • Do I have to be present for pick-up? 
        Someone must be present. This does not necessarily have to be you specifically. It can be a roommate, landlord, RA or etc. However, our office must have their contact information ahead of time.  
      • Do I get notified before the pick-up occurs? 
        Yes, you are notified about 10 – 15 min prior to our arrival.  
      • Can I access my items mid-summer? 
        No, we do not allow for items to be accessed in the middle of the storage session. Anything that is placed into storage, will be unable to be accessed until delivery occurs in the Fall.  
      • Can I have a delivery mid-summer? 
        This is based off availability and is not guaranteed. If there is availability, there is a $200 delivery fee.  
      • How do we give you our return information? 
        We will reach out to you mid-Summer to collect all return information.