University of Arizona Water Delivery Schedule


Fall 2022 UA Student Water Delivery Schedule


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FALL 2022 UA Office Water Delivery Schedule

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Empty Jug Pick-up Notes:

  • Empty jugs will be picked up the day we deliver the full jugs. Please place them outside of your door the night before. If you forget to place out your empty jugs, we will not come back outside of scheduled dates

Full Jug Delivery Notes:

  • Full jugs will be delivered on your scheduled date above. Delivery of these full jugs can happen any time between 8am-6pm on the scheduled day. 

Fall Semester Notes:

  • August is not included on this schedule as this is when we deliver the entire equipment to your room. We try our hardest to deliver all units before mass move-in begins. If the unit is not in your room upon arrival, please allow up to 7-10 business days for the unit to be delivered after student move-in concludes.
  • No jugs will be delivered in December as the campus will be closed for Winter break. Our crew will only be on campus picking up empties, so please place any empties out before you depart the University for the break!

Spring Semester Notes:

  • *April is equipment pick-up ONLY. We will not be delivering the 5 gal jugs on this date. We will pick up all equipment (cooler, full jugs, and empty jugs) and will leave students with cases of bottled water.