Arizona State Water Delivery Schedule

ASU Water Delivery Schedule


*This schedule has been updated as of 12/14/22 for Spring*

ASU Spring 23 Water Schedule Editable Version-1 3

2022-2023 Notes:

  • December is empty jug pick up ONLY. NO deliveries will occur. 
  • April is equipment pick-up ONLY. We will not be delivering the 5 gal jugs on this date. We will pick-up all equipment (cooler, full jugs, and empty jugs) and leaving students with cases of bottled water. Please view this link to go over end of year instructions if needed. 
  • Full jugs will be delivered on your scheduled date below. Delivery of these full jugs can happen any time between 8am-5pm on the scheduled day. 
  • Empty jugs will be picked up the day we deliver the full jugs. Please place them outside of your door by 8am on your scheduled date. DO NOT DUMP THEM!
  • If there are any issues with your delivery, you will have 7 days from your delivery date to report it to USS via e-mail, voicemail, chat bot or phone call. 


    To view the water service terms and conditions, please click the link below.