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U of A Laundry Service Schedule and Locations

Spring 2022 & Fall 2022 Laundry Schedule, Locations, and FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

  • Do you offer dry cleaning?
    No, we do not offer any dry cleaning services. Any items placed into the laundry bag are assumed to be machine washable.  
  • Can I request a special laundry detergent?
    No, we are unable to make special request. Items are washed with Tide (or similar) detergent.  
  • Are items separated by whites and colored clothing?
    No, all items are washed together in one machine. Items are washed in cold water and tumble dried on low.  
  • Am I limited to using your 20lb bag?
    Yes, laundry must be dropped off in the bag that is provided.  
  • Can I only drop off once a week/Can I drop off more than once a week?
    Our laundry service is limited to one 20lb bag per week. If you drop off on Monday and pick-up on Thursday or vice versa.   
  • Where do I drop off & pick up laundry / Where do I pick up the bag?
    Arbol De La Vida front desk
    Graham-Greenlee front desk
    Manzanita-Mohave front desk

ATTENTION: Please be aware that the only days you can pick-up your clean laundry are the days and times on the schedule. If you miss the pick-up day, you will have to wait until the next scheduled date. 

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