U of A Laundry Service Schedule and Locations

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*We cannot accommodate special laundry requests. All clothes dropped off will be washed and dried together. USS does not provide dry cleaning or specific laundry detergent options.*

  • Locations:
    • Arbol De La Vida front desk
    • Graham-Greenlee front desk
    • Manzanita-Mohave front desk
  • Laundry is a weekly service. Drop-off and Pick-ups will be on Monday and Thursday. Please view our calendars below to ensure we are still operating if there is a Holiday or Campus closure!
  • You can pick-up and drop-off between 4pm-6pm.

➥ Dirty laundry should be dropped off between 4pm-6pm. 

➥ Clean laundry is available for pick-up the following date between 4pm-6pm. *If you go to pick-up your clean laundry prior to 4pm, it will not be available.*

➥ Forgotten laundry will remain in USS’s possession until the next pick-up date if it is not picked up during the proper time. There is not another location to grab the laundry!

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