Arizona State Laundry Service Schedule and Locations


Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 9.49.57 AM*We are unable to accommodate unique laundry orders. Every article of clothes dropped off is assumed to be able to be washed and dried together. USS does not offer dry cleaning or particular laundry detergent demands.*

  • Locations:
    • UPS (711 E. Lemon St.)
    • UPS (510 E. University Dr.)
  • Laundry is a weekly service. Drop-off and Pick-ups will be on Monday and Thursday. Please view our calendars below to ensure we are still operating if there is a Holiday or Campus closure!
  • You can pick-up and drop-off between 9am-5pm

➥ Dirty laundry should be dropped off prior to 1pm. *If you drop off laundry after 1pm, your laundry will not be picked up for cleaning until the following scheduled day.

➥ Clean laundry is available for pick-up the following date after 1pm. *If you go to pick-up your clean laundry prior to 1pm, it will not be available.

➥ Forgotten laundry will remain in USS’s possession until the next pick-up date if it is not picked up during the proper time. There is not another location to grab the laundry!

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