Questions About BunkTrunk™

How to Buy, Are They Still Available, What is the Price, etc...

  • Is the BunkTrunk™ a rental?
    The BunkTrunk™ is a purchase. This is not a rental through USS as we partner directly with BunkTrunk™. Once you place an order you own it!
  • How do we get the BunkTrunk™ delivered to us?
    Please contact BunkTrunk™ directly for more information.
  • Are there still BunkTrunk™'s in stock?
    This product is limited to stock. Please contact BunkTrunk™ directly for more information on if they have sold out or not. 
  • What is the price of the BunkTrunk™?
    There are different versions available of the product! Price may vary, please check out their website for more information and to place the order!


PHONE: 501-444-BUNK