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Storage Pricing

Summer storage pricing below is for one term (summer), includes free pick-up and delivery within 2 miles of campus

At checkout, you will be charged $25. Your $25 registration fee includes packing supplies (1 box kit). The box kit includes 5 boxes and 1 roll of tape. Additional boxes will be available for purchase at the tent. $5 per individual box, $3 per roll of tape. See tent locations here.

1. Storage- standard item (up to 50lbs): $45
box, plastic bin/tote, suitcase, duffle bag, trunk, TV (boxed), mini fridge, microwave, printer, bikes, chair, mattress topper
*A $75 penalty may occur if items are over 50 pounds

50lbs (per item) limitation applies to boxes, plastic bin/tote, suitcase, and duffle bags only.

2. Storage- large storage item: $80
mattress, bed frame, dresser, bookshelf, desk

3. Storage- extra large item: $95
TV (unboxed), couch, futon

4. Storage- oversize item: $150
3ft wide, 18in deep, 6ft tall and larger