Ordering Process Assistance

What does "ticket" mean, Don't know My Full Housing info, Did my Roommate Order, Why do you need My University E-mail, etc..

Summer Storage

  • Why does it ask for a "ticket" quantity?
    No action is needed for this. Please leave the quantity as 1 or you will not be able to move forward!
  • Do you need my current room information?
    If you are registering for a pick-up of Storage items, please put your CURRENT room since this is where you are currently living and this is where all your personal belongings are. 

Services (Water, Housekeeping, Laundry, Microfridge)

  • What if I don't have my complete housing information? 
    You can place an order without knowing your complete housing information by putting a “?” in the room portion.

Incomplete housing information may delay the delivery of your unit/equipment! As soon as you receive the info, please contact our office ASAP at info@uandss.com

  • What if my roommate places an order after I do or vice versa?
    Our system catches all duplicate orders. We will reach out if your roommate has already purchased the service. You can also email us at info@uandss.com to request a check to see if we have an order for that room. 
  • I do not know my student's University e-mail?
    We will need this information because this is how we verify you are a student at that University. You can locate it by searching in your students "Account" page on the Universities website!