Northwestern University From Home-To-Room Service

Are the boxes provided, What is a customer identification label, what if my package arrives after the deadline, Can I drop my packages off instead of ship them, what if I am living off campus, etc...

  • Do you provide the boxes?
    No, we do not provide the shipping boxes or shipping labels. You will provide your own boxes, suitcases, or duffle bags. We recommend using size 18x18x18 and double layered. It is not required to use this size or double layered, however, it is required that each box/item weigh under 50lbs each.
  • What if the box/item weighs over 50lbs?
    Each box over 50lbs will incur a $75 fee in addition to the $49 receiving/delivering cost. Overweight boxes/items are not eligible for any type of claim with USS.
  • Do you provide labels?
    Every box is required to have 2 labels on it. You will be required to provide your own shipping label on each box (FedEx or UPS label). The other label will be provided by USS. The label provided by USS is a customer identification label. Boxes that do not have both labels on them risk being rejected and returned to sender.
  • What is a customer identification label?
    This is a label that USS will provide. It MUST be on every box along with your own shipping label. This label is how we will know where to deliver the boxes on campus after receiving it from UPS or FedEx. The customer identification label will also include the shipping address that you will need to put on your shipping label with UPS or FedEx.
  • What if my package arrives after the deadline?
    Late packages will be rejected and returned to sender. no exceptions. 
  • What if I don’t have my fall housing info yet?
    Any orders with incomplete housing information are not guaranteed to be in the room prior to move in. You can still place an order by putting a “?” in the hall and/or room section. You will need to email us to update this info as soon as you get your fall housing information.
  • Can I drop my packages off to you instead of shipping them via UPS or FedEx?
    We do not allow parents or students to drop items off. No exceptions. 
  • What if I ship more/less than I registered for?
    Once the deadline has passed, we will charge or refund the account accordingly based on how many packages were received. If we do not receive any boxes from you, we will provide a full automatic refund AFTER the deadline.
  • Can I use your service if I am living off-campus
    This service is not available to students living off campus. No exceptions. If you are returning to a Greek house, please contact USS before ordering the service as some greek houses are considered off campus housing. 
  • Can I ship directly from the store/website?
    Boxes from 3rd party vendors such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Amazon, etc. will not be accepted! *The reason being is every box MUST have our USS customer identification labels on them. Large companies such as these will not put our labels on the boxes that are being shipped.