MicroFridge® and Minifridge Rental FAQ'S

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Microfridge Refund Policy

  • MicroFridge®’s are refundable when a student cancels before the unit is delivered.
  • After the unit is delivered, a partial refund is given ($40.00 pick-up fee deduction) if canceled within 2 weeks of the student moving in.
  • MicroFridge®’s are nonrefundable when a student has had the unit in their possession for 2 weeks or longer.

Minifridge Refund Policy 

(Northwestern University only)

  • Minifridges are always refundable upon cancellation. 
    • After the unit is delivered, a $40.00 pick-up fee will be deducted from the refund.

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  • Damaged or Missing unit
    • MicroFridge® - $495.00
    • Minifridge - $335.00
  • Cleaning fee: $50.00
  • Unit pick-up fee: $40.00
  • Dissembling of the Unit fee
    • MicroFridge® - $50.00
  • Missing MicroFridge® Turn Table fee: $25.00
  • Cancelation fee
    • $0.00 - $40.00 (dependent on time of cancelation request, see refund policy above)
  • Failure to notify of room change: $25.00

Accepting the terms and conditions at checkout indicates to USS that you consent for any *applicable* fees not specifically covered by the insurance to be charged to the card on file automatically. 

We will contact you personally if there are any problems with the card on file.

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University & Student Services offers two additional insurance coverages for your MicroFridge® and Minifridge units!

  •  Fridge Additional Insurance: $24.99
    • This insurance covers all damages, broken parts, and missing items upon pick-up except a missing microwave plate.
    • This coverage does not cover a dirty unit.
  • Fridge Cleaning Service: $24.99
    • Opt-in to avoid a possible $50.00 cleaning fee! Just unplug your MicroFridge® or Minifridge, take all of your personal items out and we will clean it upon pick-up at the end of your rental term!

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 2.28.50 PMMicroFridge® Unit Specifications

Refrigerator Dimensions: 19 in x 18 in x 33 in (LWH)

Microwave Dimensions: 13 in x 17 in x 10 in (LWH)

Combination Dimensions: 19 in x 18 in x 43 in (LWH)

Combination Weight: 70lbs

Minifridge Unit Specifications

21 in x 19 in x 33 in (LWH)

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All MicroFridge®  and Minifridge units are an academic year rental!

  • Rent only the fridge?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer the fridge individually. The microwave is bolted to the top.
  • Rent only the microwave?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer the microwave individually. The fridge and microwave are bolted together on the MicroFridge® unit.
  • Rent only by semester?
    We do not offer Semester rentals. However, if you leave the university after the first Semester, you can transfer the unit to your roommate's name. To transfer the account, please email us at info@uandss.com.
  • Rent only for the Summer?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer Summer rentals. Our units are academic year rentals only.

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Delivery Procedures

  • We attempt to deliver prior to student move-in with the help of University staff. If equipment is not in the room upon your move-in, allow 7-10 business days after main student move-in concludes.
    • The student does not have to be present for the delivery of this unit.
  • Incomplete housing information will delay the delivery of your equipment.
  • Equipment is delivered into the room you provide on your ordering form. If your room changes, you are responsible for updating our office. Housing will not update our records. 
  • If students move rooms in the middle of the Academic Year, they are responsible for moving the equipment along with their personal items and updating our office of their new placement.
    • Certain universities have on-campus restrictions for relocating units. Email our office before moving the unit if you attend Arizona State University or Boise State University.
    • You can also review the restricted halls on the drop-down tabs here.
  • If you fail to contact USS directly, you are liable if this unit is missing and there will be a "missing unit fee" charge to your card for this missing equipment until it is found. (as stated above)

Pick-up Procedures

  • If the student leaves the University prior to the end of the academic school year, it is the student's responsibility to notify us so we can pick up the unit OR have it transferred into the roommates/suite mates' name to remove liability.
  • If you fail to contact USS directly, you are liable if this unit is missing and there will be a "missing unit fee" charge to your card for this missing equipment until it is found! (as stated above)
  • Units will be left in the room at the end of the academic school year. We will pick up the units once all students have left campus. 
  • Units must be unplugged, emptied, completely cleaned, and wiped down prior to pickup unless you have opted for cleaning insurance at check out.