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Housekeeping Terms and Conditions

Housekeeping is a bi-weekly service. Service includes full cleaning of toilet, shower stall, tiled surfaces, water fixtures, floors, and one sink, unless additional sink is purchased.

  • All personal items MUST be removed from the restroom in order for us to clean. If personal items are left out, housekeepers will not clean and it will be considered an automatic forfeit of the cleaning that week.  
  • If the student is sleeping, crew will ask to proceed. If the student denies, it is considered an automatic forfeit of the cleaning. 

A refund will not be issued and rescheduling is not available for any forfeited cleanings. 

We must be notified 72hrs after a scheduled cleaning for any issues. Once cleanings begin, refunds are deducted $43 per cleaning. All Spring Semester Housekeeping plans are automatically rebilled the first week of January unless our office is contacted to cancel.