Assisted Move-in Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the following move-ins:

  1. Assisted/Cruise Ship Move-in
  2. Assisted Plus Move-in
  3. Express Move-in
  4. Traffic Management


USS provides reimbursement for any items that are reported as damaged or lost within 48 hours of the move-in process. Any claims filed after 48 hours of the move-in will be denied. USS provides secondary coverage to the Customer’s primary coverage which is his or her homeowner’s or renter’s insurance (or that of his or her parents). USS's liability is limited to $1,000.00 per student if reported within the 48 hours move-in deadline. 

If you are filing a claim on damaged items it will be required that you provide photos of the damage. If no photos are provided to reflect damage, the claim will be denied. If you are filing a claim on an item of extreme value ($500.00 or more) proof of purchase will be required. If proof of purchase is not provided, it is possible the claim could be denied. 

Damaged items must have evidence of physical damage to the exterior of the box or packaging of the item. USS cannot be held liable for concealed damage to items within a crate, trunk, or other casing without physical damage to the exterior of the package. Damage to the exterior of the box, trunk, or other casing does not result in a presumption of liability by USS.

USS does NOT cover the following if reported in a claim: jewelry, collectibles, cash, or items of intangible value.

Missing or damaged items must be reported to USS within two (2) days of delivery/move-in. The claims window begins as soon as the student moves in. Any claims reported after 48 hours, will be denied. 

Did you know?

Most homeowner's or renters' insurance covers students' damaged or lost items while living on campus. USS makes no representation concerning the adequacy of its insurance coverage or coordination of its insurance coverage with that of the Customer.  Coordination of insurance coverage is solely the responsibility of the Customer.  The Customer agrees to first claim any loss against any insurance carried by the Customer or the Customer’s parents, if available. The Customer will make claims against USS only after exhausting other areas of coverage.

To the extent that the Customer does not obtain insurance coverage for the full value of his personal property stored or shipped with USS, the Customer hereby agrees to assume all risk of loss, including damage or loss by burglary, fire, rust, water, changes in temperature, fumigation, vermin or other insects, or vandalism. USS and its employees, authorized representatives, agents, and affiliates will not be responsible for, and the Customer hereby releases from, any loss, liability, claim, expense, damage to property, or injury to persons that could have been insured (including without limitation any loss arising from the active or passive acts, omission or negligence of USS or its agents, affiliates, authorized representatives and employees).